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Acupuncture Sasebo

Acupuncture Yoga Sasebo | Acu / Yoga room IROHA

We have 2 services for your physical condition,

Acu treatment for the pain

Licensed acupuncturist will help you to relieve your any pain,
such as below…..

  • stiff shoulder
  • low back pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • joint pain of hands and fingers
  • Feeling cold
  • poor circulation
needles are painful??

It’s quite natural that you think needles are painful, if this is the first time to get acu treatment.
needles in our shop are so thin, hair-thin needles(0.1mm~0.2mm).
Acutually, you feel pain little bit sometime while getting acu treatment, but its like biting mosquito.
And our needles are disporsable needle, safety management.
moxa is scalding hot?
You dont get moxa in direct contact with the skin.
it slowly warms your body, so you will get sleepy.
Depend on the clinical situation, such as joints pain of hands and fingers, it works well when you get moxa in direct. Please dont worry, we pay close attention you not to get burnt.

Acu treatment for 1 part of your body (¥4,500/60min)
Treatment hour is about 1 hour, but it’s just an example. Sometime it will change by your phisycal condition.
*The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000

Acu treatment for CHI flowing

Combination of Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Shiatsu and Oil massage. (¥7,500/90min)
This full body treatment gives you a total relaxation.
*Shiatsu is a Japanese finger puressure massage.
*The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000

And you also can receive this Chi flowing with cosmetic acu  → CHECK THIS


You can contact with us from LINE.

mail yogaroom168@gmail.com
Tel 090-9470-6781
(*almost cant answer the phone because of treatment and yoga classes, please contact us from others if you possible. thanks)