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Acupuncture Yoga Sasebo

Acu / Yoga room IROHA

Satchi . Acupuncture . Yoga . Sasebo
Satchi is licensed Acupuncturist ,  yoga practitioner , Othteopath, and therapist of Thai traditional massage


For Keeping Health.

〇Trial ¥1,000
〇Drop IN ¥2,000
〇Membership ¥3,000
Member’s PrePaid
4 Classes ¥6,000(2 months)
8Classes ¥10,000(3 months)


A lisenced acupuncturist will help you to relieve any pain, such as low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, debilitain and so on.
Also it is called that acupuncture is good for gynopathy, such as feeling cold, migraine and any other poor circulation.

〇1 part of your body you want to get acu treatment ¥4,500(60 mins)
〇Full Body(+oil and SHIATSU massage) ¥7,500(90 mins)
☆The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000



Cosmetic “facial” acupuncture is one of the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. It is called that ccosmetic acupuncture to help you look and feel healthy and rejuvanated.

〇Facial only ¥6,000(45 mins)
〇Facial and Body (+ oil massage for the back part of your body) ¥10,000(90 mins)
☆The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000


Cosmetic Acu 1 month trial package, 3 for 2!

〇Facial only  ¥6,000 →¥12,000/3times
〇Facial and Body (+oil massage for the back part of your body) ¥10,000 →¥20,000/3times


Follow up Acupuncture treatment (1part) PrePaid Packages

3 Points  ¥10,000(1 month)
4 Points ¥14,000(3 months)
8 Points ¥24,000(5 months)

Ex. You can use this Package for other treatments,
0.5 Point → 1 Yoga class
1Point → Acu treatment(1Part)
1.5 Points → Cosmetic Acu(Facial only)
2 Points →  Acu treatment(Full body)
2.5Points → Cosmetic Acu(with body) 


・tommy (30s/F)
I had been interested in Cosmetic acupuncture. I have been worried about my frown lines, so received Acu treatment, mainly frown lines, from Satchi.  After getting  acu treatment, freinds tell me my wrinks go away and my face is smaller than before. I guess cosmetic acupuncture lift up my face muscle. I always get acu treatment after early morning yoga class (from 8:00AM),  because Satchi is flexible when it comes the time, so I make good use of my spare time to get acu treatment.  

I got low back pain (how do I say it in English, Wich’s shot?) and couldnt move for two days. Although I went to see the therapist of chiropractic but pain didnt go away. I came here by recommendation from a friend of mine. I was surprised that my low back pain went away after her first acu treatment!