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Facial Acupuncture Sasebo

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Facial Acupuncture treatment

2 services for your face

Cosmetic  “Facial” Acupuncture


This treatment is for FACE ONLY.

You are anxious about……?

  • saggy
  • fine lines
  • puffy face
  • bad dermal condition


Facial Acupuncture works well for increasing collagen production and increasing circulation.
And pals also works for increasing collagen, so you can choose to get pals therapy on your face.
Let’s rejuvenate.

Facial  “cosmetic” Acupuncture (¥6,000-/45min)
*The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000

Acu treatment for Face and Body, “Beverly”

Combination facial acupuncture, and CHI flowing(acupuncture, moxa, Shiatsu & Oil treatment).
Hope you enjoy face and body acu treatment!

Named “Beverly” to this service on a whim. (美(be) = beautiful) + (鍼(hari) = needle) = Beverly.
When Satchi (the owner) visited to Cebu in Philippines 2 years back, watched a beautiful temple at Beverly Hills in CEBU. And then, she came up with this name at there.

“Beverly”, acu for face and body (¥10,000/90min)
*The fee charged for a client’s first visit ¥2,000


You can contact with us from LINE.

mail yogaroom168@gmail.com
Tel 090-9470-6781
(*almost cant answer the phone because of treatment and yoga classes, please contact us from others if you possible. thanks)